gonogo Guides You Through Any Medical Issue


Designed by a team of experienced academic physicians across multiple disciplines, Chelsea Health Solutions launched gonogo, an app which helps take away the uncertainty around whether or not to visit the Emergency Room.

In under 2 minutes you can have piece of mind by simply answering simple questions in plain language.


gonogo can determine if your symptoms indicate you need immediate clinical help, or if you should follow-up with your doctor.


Respiratory Problem

Digestive Issue

Fever or Infection


Not Feeling Right

"gonogo was super easy to use. It helped me save time and send me to the nearest ER for my daughter's sickness" - Anne R.

"I was worried I had a major injury, gonogo allowed me to see my own specialist who took care of me better than an E.R. would" - Rob K.

"my father was not feeling right, and gonogo helped me convince him to see his doctor" - Lynne A.



  • Create a profile for yourself and save your information


  • Create profiles for your family members


  • Find the closest E.R. and hospital near you


  • Call an ambulance directly


  • Forward your information to the E.R. via email



  • Accelerates the process of determining whether you need to go to the E.R. 


  • Helps you to manage your family's health conveniently all in one place


  • Gives you directions to your nearest E.R. with the specialty you need


  • Helps get urgent transport to your door


  • Fast Track you when you get to the E.R. by providing your doctor a record of all your health issues